Meet Dr. Lena Dicken
Lena DickenDr. Lena Dicken specializes in an eclectic approach blending Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral, and Mindfulness based therapies. In her work, Lena brings a unique blend of compassion, intuition, and humor, while maintaining clear professional boundaries. She strives to cultivate a comfortable atmosphere so that her clients can express themselves freely and openly. She is active and supportive in her work to help people overcome barriers in their lives. Working from a holistic perspective, she strives to understand the whole person and not only the symptoms. Additionally, Lena has over fifteen years of experience with meditation and can offer insight and guidance to help her clients create new ways of interacting with the world. She has several years of experience working in private practice on the west side of Los Angeles and in the South Bay. She has also worked with a variety of agency settings including Beit T’Shuvah in Culver City, the CLARE foundation in Santa Monica, and The Saturday Center for Psychotherapy in Santa Monica. Lena is also the founder of Saltwater Sessions, a program based off her doctoral dissertation which combines surfing, mindfulness, and positive reappraisal.

Dr. Lena Dicken is a Registered Psychological Assistant #PSB94020697 and is supervised by Dr. Milena Imhof #PSY24743

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