All of the therapy I provide is solution focused and based on the strengths of my clients. I believe that each individual ultimately holds the capacity to improve their situation and functioning. Therefore I strive to empower my clients and help them realize their full potential through an interactive style that enables deeper insight and the acquisition of tools to help cope with life’s challenges. The length of sessions is a clinical hour (50 minutes) unless longer or more frequent sessions are needed.

I work with a wide variety of issues. My specialties include:

  • Adolescent Issues
  • Depression and Sadness
  • Anxiety and Worry
  • Substance Abuse and Dependence
  • Relationship Issues
  • Parenting and Family Conflict
  • Trauma
  • Psychological Assessment and Testing

Adults: Sessions offer a safe haven to explore current difficulties or past issues that need to be resolved, within a confidential context. Therapy is focused on improved insight, symptom reduction, and personal growth.

Adolescents: Adolescence is a difficult period of development and can pose ongoing challenges for parents. I specialize in addressing the unique needs of adolescents and transitional age youth. My approach focuses on attachment theory and parenting styles. The aim of therapy is to provide a non-judgmental environment where teens can speak openly and honestly about how they feel, and examine their wishes and goals for the future. Improved communication and understanding invariably leads to a smoother individuation for the adolescent, with reduced conflict within the family. I also collaborate with schools and other care providers to ensure quality of care.

Children: Younger children often feel most comfortable in therapy communicating in indirect ways, such as through play or telling stories. I provide a comfortable context with toys and activities for children to express themselves freely.

Families: My approach to family therapy is based on systems theory and structural family therapy, thereby viewing the family as a whole. I partner with the family through observation and involvement to uncover the consistent dysfunctions, restructure boundaries, and foster understanding within the family relationship.

Parent Consultations: Consultations are offered on an as needed basis or in tandem with individual therapy for your child. Meeting with an outside professional can be helpful in addressing the challenges parents face in meeting the changing needs of their children, as well as their own needs. Consultations focus on improved communication, identifying priorities, setting limits, and enforcing consequences, in order to reduce conflict within the family.

Couples: Couples sessions are focused on improving communication and compromise, so that repeating patterns and cycles of conflict can be broken. Improved communication can lead to greater intimacy and more loving relationships.

Groups: Groups are offered regularly. Groups offer an opportunity to learn from others, gain social support, and understand the commonality of many problems.


Psychological assessment and testing are performed by the administration of several empirically validated tests that compose a “test battery.” These measures are reliable and can provide helpful information for clinical and educational purposes. Testing helps determine psychological functioning in emotional, cognitive and interpersonal arenas by identifying strengths and weaknesses, as well as personality factors.

Psychoeducational testing is helpful for children who are struggling academically; to enable a greater understanding of their strengths and challenges, to determine if they require extra resources within the academic setting, as well as determining if they require special accommodations for standardized testing. The information gained through testing helps parents and teachers make informed decisions for the benefit of the child’s future.


Dr. Imhof accepts payment by cash or check.

Please note that Dr. Imhof is an out of network provider for PPO medical insurance. At your request a claim form can be provided to you or submitted directly to your insurance company to obtain reimbursement. Please call your insurance company to get answers to your questions about your coverage for mental health services, what your deductible is, how many sessions are covered and what percentage of the cost will be covered.

Dr. Imhof provides a free initial consultation by phone or in person, so that you can discuss what you are looking for and determine the type of therapist you seek, without financial obligation.

Dr. Imhof also provides services on a sliding scale reduced rate for clients that demonstrate a need due to financial limitations, including full time students. Dr. Imhof firmly believes that quality psychological services should be available to everyone regardless of current financial standing, which is why she also works with underserved populations in the community.

It is understandable that scheduling conflicts may arise; please provide 24 hours notice of cancelation to avoid a charge for your session, barring unavoidable emergencies.