Psychological Assessment

Common reasons why psychological assessment and testing may be recommended include:

  • Concerns about cognitive and intellectual functioning
  • Learning problems and problems at school; determination of a learning disability
  • Determination of giftedness
  • Understanding the cause of attention and concentration problems, such as ADHD
  • Understanding the causes of emotional and social problems
  • Clarifying diagnosis
  • Assessing personality functioning
  • Assessing for brain damage or neuropsychological deficits

Psychological Assessment or Psycho-educational Testing by a psychologist can be extremely useful in providing clarity about the causes of various emotional, psychological, cognitive, learning, and behavioral problems of a child, adolescent, or adult.

Psycho-educational Testing is helpful for those who are struggling academically; to enable a greater understanding of their strengths and challenges, and to determine if they require extra resources within the academic setting.  This type of testing also allows for a determination to recommend special accommodations for standardized testing when necessary.

Psychological assessment and testing are performed by the administration of several empirically validated tests that compose a “test battery.”  The assessment also involves one or more interviews, and a review of records. These measures can provide helpful information for clinical and educational purposes.