Dear Milena,
Thank you so much for all of the time you spent helping me work through the challenges of the last few months. My world literally felt like it was caving in and you helped me through the fog, and to feel normal again. You’re really gifted and I feel lucky I got to know you. You have a very easy going and calming presence. Seeing you and talking about everything was extremely helpful and I wanted to thank you for getting me in so quickly and helping me more than you’ll ever know. Wishing you all the best- and I’ll keep in touch and let you know how things go.



Dear Dr. Imhof,
I am so grateful to you for all that you did for me in 2012-2013! I would never have had the courage to move back home without your incredible guidance. I wish you and your family the very best.



Dr. Imhof,
You are so gifted in what you do. Thank goodness for all of us that you found your calling. THANK YOU for giving yourself to your work and to me. You have made an impact on my life and helped me so much. I am very grateful.



Before I met Dr. Imhof, I had spent time with two other therapists who were good, but I wasn’t getting better. Emotionally, I was getting worse. And really, that led its way to disrupting mostly every other area in my life. When I met Dr. Imhof, I was apprehensive. She was my third therapist within two years and I felt that therapists were limited in their ability to help. When she asked me what my goals were, I said it was to get better, that I wanted to get well and never come back to therapy. I wanted her to help me be normal again. At the time, I knew I was overly emotional, hurting, and broken. I had just started anti-depressants the month before, and that was helping a bit. Still, I had a long journey and Dr. Imhof was there for me. She’s different. She’s very friendly, very open, and very smart. She never writes anything down, and she remembers every detail of what I tell her even when I don’t see her often.

I am very happy, and feeling so much better with her help. Dr. Imhof does not share my religious belief, but she understands it. It’s not a limitation for her to help me. I never thought I’d find a therapist who could actually help me the way she has. She’s even open to email communications. I am extremely grateful for her. She has been a primary driver in my road to recovery. I’ve recommended many of my friends to her. I honestly feel she can help anyone!